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Tall Tales, Short Stories and Rustedfables

This is the working studio of Ron Collins, a graphic artist, 3D modeler animator and writer. Ron has over 30 years of experience as a creative professional, working in the fields of advertising, graphic design, technical illustration, web and game development.


Now the focus is on stories and the written word.


There are several tall tales in the works and a small, but ever-growing collection of short stories that contribute to the worlds envisioned in Rustedfables.

The creative process generates hundreds of pages of imaginative short stories seldom used in the final product. The stories below are part of a unique world and written to support a series of upcoming projects. They contain background information about characters, places and events relevant to the stories overarching narrative, designed to enhance the telling of the main tale. How many times have you wanted to know more about the world a story takes place in, but had to wait for someone to write the definitive mythopoeia?

The Journals of

Tara O'Cuilleain

A member of the Elysium Expeditionary Society, adventurer and chronicler of the mystic realms.

The Marvelous Machines of Malcolm Merriweather

An entertainer, medicine show conman and an inventor with a passion for building steam-powered machines.

 The Adventures of

Elias Grim

The strange tales of an ancient warrior who battled his way across the world and now the frontier of the United States.

 The Professor's Unexpected Finds

An anthropologist exploring the Americas on behalf of the Smithsonian in search of mystic relics and mythological entities.



The Work Continues

April 15th, 2019

The story has grown and will span three books. The first one is going through rewrites and the usual creative edits.

Leave It Alone Already!

March 26, 2018

Adobe killed off another app I was using and mastered to build websites. Muse is dead. They created it replace Adobe Edge. Another app I used and had mastered. Adobe Flash became Adobe Flash Professional then Adobe Animate. Each change in product removing features and forcing the users to relearn and come up with news ways of doing basic things. As a user I can write code with out their help, clean and efficient, but I enjoyed designing and testing with the aforementioned apps to work out any problems. When I was done, I would let the app spew out its code then cleanup the finished product and publish to my servers. Simple.


I am tiring of having to change how I work because Adobe can’t make an app and stick to it.

Adobe Muse or WordPress

September 14th, 2016

Things have changed again in building out websites. I had been using Dreamweaver to hand code my previous websites, including all the responsive and mobile versions. It was tedious but I ended up with clean code, minus whatever platform, it was being dumped into like Joomla or Virtuemart. I built the previous Rustedfables website using Adobe Edge, a strange hybrid of Flash ActionScript, JavaScript and HTML 5. It was an animated site that worked like a Flash site but displayed on Apple devices. So, when I went to rebuild the site, I discovered that Adobe dropped the application along with several others. Now I had to relearn it, all over again, just to rebuild my website. I could sum my joy up with a four-letter word.


I looked at the CMS options available, experimenting with WordPress and template designs. As I settled on the content that used on Rustedfables, I realized that a blogging platform would be overkill. That applied to Joomla and a couple others. I was now back to building it from scratch.


That is where Adobe Muse came in. I could focus on the design and let the app write the code. It may not be the ideal, or the most optimized code, but I didn’t want to spend all my time writing code to appease the coding gods. I wanted to write stories and create a site to showcase them.

Photo Gallery and Pull Quotes

November 18, 2016


November 7, 2016

The Website Launch

October 3rd, 2016

Rebuilding Websites

September 3rd, 2016

I released all the IronGrizzly secondary domains and deleted content from the main site, replacing it with a single notice page. It was hard putting the site down. I fought against shuttering it for over a year, coming up with new ways to make it more profitable and easier to produce the products.


Now I will work on Rustedfables, converting from a freelance graphic design site to one that can promote tall tales and short stories.

IronGrizzly No More

August 15th, 2016

After taking a few months off from making gun leather, I have extended that time to pursue several other projects. The current website shopping cart turned off and the shop repurposed. I spent 10 years building high quality gun leather for the sport of cowboy shooting and reenactment. It was fun, but it is time to focus on other ideas. It was also becoming more and more difficult to compete against mass manufactured products.


I wish I had a laser cutter and an electric leather sewing machine just like they did in the old west. No, wait.

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