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Ron is a graphic artist by trade and worked as an art director for several advertising agencies, as a senior technical illustrator for DOE and for 20 years as a 3d artist and animator in the game industry. He lives in the little town of Oakdale, California on the edge of the San Joaquin Valley on the way up to Yosemite with his beautiful wife Nadine.

Ron Collins


As a young man Ron wrote comedy sketches, parodies and science fiction stories. He collected comic books and wanted to publish his own graphic novel. Ron wrote the script, designed the characters and worked on the pages, but the restraints of a full-time job and commuting into the Bay Area limited those efforts. Production methods changed over time from pen and ink to digital and Ron shifted with it moving away from traditional illustration into 3d modeling and animation.


Ron change career paths and entered the game industry to build 3d environments and characters, working on games like the Sims, a few sports titles and for an infamous maker of social media games.


During his tenure in the game industry, Ron stumbled into the old west through the sport of Single Action Shooting and historical reenactment. He bought all the gear, designed his own gun leather which he ended up selling under the brand name, IronGrizzly online. He wrote western vignettes as part of the product descriptions and all the advertising copy. This photo of Ron is from Virginia City taken during the grand reopening of the Washoe Club stomping around the old mining town every chance he could.


Ron liked the old west so much, that he converted the characters and story concepts from traditional space operas to tall tales of historical fiction. He wrote detailed technical papers explaining the history and relevant events of the world represented in the concepts. Ron needed a creative outlet to tell the finished stories. One that didn’t involve illustration. That’s when a friend suggested writing a novel.


From pen and ink to words. Now the trick will be to find a marketable voice and becoming a better proofreader. Thanks for dropping by.

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